Logan J

Film Editing

When I’m editing and producing I strive to craft content that is truly meaningful, something that evokes emotion. I want to capture authentic stories and communicate the true meaning behind my clients visions. I'm always accepting new project ideas, no matter the concept I can make it happen. Got an idea? Let's chat about it!

Music Videos

The core of my inspirations are rooted in music. As a gigging musician playing in two bands, I can confidently say that I understand you and your ideas. I love working with visionary concepts and I find that my clients in the music industry tend to come up with some pretty damn cool ones. I'm all here for it, can't wait to get started on your next video!


You've heard the future of digital advertising is video, well the future is now! From timeline ads to kickstarter spotlight videos, my work will exceed your expectations.

Some Fun Stuff

We're not all business around here, sometimes you have to pour your raw artistic vision into film and put it out there for everyone to see. Check out my YouTube and TikTok for some fun content.